Lost Runners 24 Hour Ultra and Relay

Welcome to one of the newest ultra races in the area—the Lost Runners 24.  This is an ultra on a 3-mile loop taking place at Camp Guilrock in Reidsville, North Carolina.  Come on out and see how many loops you or a bunch of yous can do in 24 hours.  Starting in 2018, we are offering a 12-hour option that runs from 7PM to 7AM so that everyone can/should finish together!

The loop takes place at a church campground which means there is a place to set up a tent, a bunk house to crash, kitchen to cook, hot showers for…showering, and a well-lit pavilion being used as the aid station.  What more could you want? <– Rhetorical question.

The loop runs around a couple of lakes and alongside the Haw River. There is some gravel road, but the loop is mostly trails. It’s THE perfect loop for a seasoned ultra runner or someone just getting their feet wet.

So come run solo for 12 or 24 hours or with a bunch of your friends for 24 hours; relay teams can have up to six people on them.

Hope to see you there!